The KingdomIT Hackathon is a gathering of enthusiasts, go-getters, and doers who are open to working together on a theme(s). The goal is

, that usually in an evening or afternoon, a number of outstanding tasks to work on or even to complete in addition there will be room for meeting, prayer, food, and brainstorming. Hackathon are given on a location or online.

Content of an evening/afternoon:

  • Food is an important part of the KingdomIT Hackathon, so we start or close it with this (or both :-))
  • To work! All todo matters and can be picked up from administration to programming! Just what is needed that day!


The KingdomIT Hackathon is held every 2 months on the second Saturday.
Hackathons only continues if enough registration, so we strongly advise you to contact us.

Do you want to stay informed about the KingdomIT Hackathon? Then sign up quickly via hackathon@kingdomit.nl