Karibu Sana! Very welcome!

Kenya is a country in East Africa. Kenya borders the countries Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Tanzania, and Uganda. Kenya has 44 million residents. The capital city of Kenya is Nairobi. 79% of Kenyan people is Christian and 10% is Muslim. In 1963 Kenya became independent of the United Kingdom. The official language is English but they also speak Swahili.

What does KingdomIT do in Kenya?

  • ICCM-Africa
    ICCM-Africa is an International Conference on Computing and Mission. A conference where IT representatives of mission agencies come, like MAF and Food For The Hungry. KingdomIT is always present on this conference to do various of presentations to empower the Africans with IT and help them to learn how to use IT for the Kingdom of God.
  • IT support for schools
    Training on the job, just to be present. Helping and training. Building things together, management and supporting. By this we can help schools and empower African education
  • Building computer labs
    We build computerlabs where Africans educate themselves. We do this by our own e-learning program.
  • IT Training
    In collaboration with Scott Christian University in Machakos we delivered 9 may and 18 may a full IT training program for circa 100 pastors, church leaders and teachers with IT related  subjects what they can use to preached the gospel of Jesus or to educate children/students.