KingdomIT Lab

Welcome to the KingdomIT Lab! Here we test and build new tools for the mission field.
We would like to let you take a look in the lab, these are our “lab products”. Will they ever see the mission field?

Raspberry PI (green) or ODROID (red) ?

There is currently a worldwide chip shortage that has direct consequences for the supply of Raspberry PIs. We use the Raspberry PIs as the basis of our KingdomIT Boxes. This makes us inclined to look further for alternatives.

In our lab the ODROID-C4, what can this board do? Is it an alternative? Or maybe we can do other beautiful things with it? Testing, reading, viewing, trying out, playing and building are the activities in the lab.

We’re investigating it in our lab!

KingdomIT Box Router ?

The current KingdomIT Box can “only” handle 10 WiFi connections. That’s quite a shame if you want to serve a large group. WiFi routers are much better at this. That’s why we investigate WiFi Routers. Can we flash this and program it with our KingdomIT Box software? What are the possibilities here? Only disadvantage‚Ķ it needs electricity, something that is not available everywhere. We’re going to try it in our lab!

KingdomIT Box Screen ?

Here you see a KingdomIT Box with an LCD Touch Screen. What can we do with this? Not everyone has a smartphone, so how can you show what’s on the Box? Maybe with the help of a screen. We test: the screen, the options, possibilities with this screen and our battery and the ease of use. The investigation is ongoing!

KingdomIT Box Online ?

This device is also a modem (4G), router and file server in 1. What are the options? We may be able to read / flash the Boxes remotely with this device. This device also has its own battery, how strong is it? How long can you use this device in “operation”? We’ll find out in our lab!

Do you help us ?

With your support we can test even more things in our Lab! Would you therefore like to help with a donation?

Simply transfer your donation to NL71 RABO 0303 1649 05 account name: Stichting KingdomIT description for your donation: KingdomIT Lab