Training African Missionaries 2024

From 30 April to 3 May, KingdomIT will organise a mission trip to Ruiru, Kenya to train African missionaries in the field of IT. The trainings will be given at the ICCM conference which will take place from 30 April to 3 May, and KingdomIT will as well be responsible for organising the conference.

ICCM means: International Conference on Computing and Mission. The goal of this conference is to educate African missionaries through IT, in order to aid them in reaching their goals in mission. On this conference, missionaries and African IT workers will come from MAF and SIL / Wycliffe among others.

Since the foundation of ICCM-Africa in 2014, KingdomIT has been involved in this conference. We have mainly given training and support here. This year too, we will organise several seminars. From 2018 on, KingdomIT will be partially responsible for organising the conference. We will therefore not only work on various seminars but also on organising the conference itself.

As the preparations are still going on, many details are not fixed yet and some will only be made clear during the conference week itself. You can view the list of possible seminars for ICCM-Africa view here.

During the seminars we will train African IT people and missionaries to use IT techniques in mission / their own mission field, for instance in spreading the Gospel. The African missionaries are very motivated to their task in the mission field but need more knowledge about IT tools which they can use here. This is why education in the field of IT is important. By using the right tools, goals can be more easily achieved.

Project plan

The project has been described in a project plan:

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