About us

KingdomIT Foundation is an organization meant to improve living conditions of people worldwide in combination with Evangelism. Its focus is being achieved by offering IT related solutions in cooperation with Christian entities. Globally, there are many places where power supply and internet infrastructure is at hand. There we train local teachers to apply more effective information technology. Also pastors are taught to use IT in their Evangelism in remote areas and urban slums. There are many locations where power supply and internet are absent, where citizens need to be able connect to God given resources, such as Biblical education, good health care provision and communication opportunities. Today KingdomIT Foundation also supports Christian entities in The Netherlands with information technology.

KingdomIT Foundation is an initiative of Ruben Felix. He has many years of IT experience under his belt. He is passionate about serving the Kingdom of God. Therefore the name KingdomIT. Ruben invests in solar powered units and cheap satellite connections and computer technology that runs on open source operating systems. He is planning the realization of computer labs and clinics in Africa and classrooms for training of local teachers and preachers and system managers.

The board

The foundation board is: Patrick van den Eijk (chairman), <vacant> (secretary), Albert Pool (treasurer). Advisory to the board is Aart Elbertsen. Ruben Felix is the foundation’s director. The foundation’s management policy is being drawn momentarily. Donors will be fully and transparently informed about the mode of operation and financial accountability.