Our goal is to worldwide improve living conditions of people using information technology and to spread the Gospel. Below you can read the possibilities of how to support KingdomIT Foundation.

  • Presentations
    We are a young dynamic organization which wants to grow. Therefore  brand awareness is important. You can support us by speaking about in your network. You can also suggest a KingdomIT presentation with your contacts.
  • Sponsorships
    Financial support is much appreciated. With your contributions we can take care of projects and create opportunities that will benefit the target. Please contact us to ask how you can sponsor. Periodic or one-off, a general donation or a gift for a specific project. We are happy to answer all your questions.
  • Donations of hardware
    Many companies write their computer equipment off in three – five years, although that equipment is often still good. Especially in case of use of open-source software. Many foundations at home and abroad will be pleased with this equipment. Do you still have a used computer? Please contact us.
  • Partnership
    By working with partners, we can form a wide network in order to serve the mission field. Want to work for free or for a small fee with KingdomIT? Please contact us. You can also donate some things as an organization, such as a server space, money, your services, etc.
  • Hackathon
    The KingdomIT Hackathon is a gathering of enthusiasts, go-getters and doers who are open to work together on a theme(s). The goal is, that usually in an evening or afternoon, a number of outstanding tasks to work on or even to complete in addition there will be room for meeting, prayer, food and brainstroming. Read more

Our Partners

In order to support Christian organizations, such as foundations, churches, and schools, better we partner with selected entities. Those partners are sympathetic to the work of KingdomIT Foundation. This is often done by providing discounts or sponsored services.

Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH, Vienna, Austria –
For our virtual environment we cooperate with Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH. They support our vision and mission and provide us with a sponsored software license.

Mollie, Amsterdam, Netherlands –
For financial transfers, such as donations and payments we work with Mollie. They support ANBI’s with a reduced tariff of their services.

OpenVPN Technologies, Pleasanton, CA, United States –
In order to offer safe connections to mission agencies we work together with OpenVPN Technologies. They support our vision and mission by providing us with sponsored licenses.