Join a mission trip

A mission trip is a trip you will never forget. A journey that will not only make for yourself but for others as well. KingdomIT is setting up ‘Short Mission Trips’. With these Short-Mission Trips we deploy IT in the Kingdom of God where necessary. We have contacts with several organizations that are familiar with the term “mission trip”. Through cooperation, it is possible to use our IT talents for God’s Kingdom.

What is a mission trip?
A mission trip is not a quiet, relaxing vacation … A mission trip is a trip to a country where you are  going to do something. For example, build a school, teaching, etc. Or help with IT in a KingdomIT team. By teaching, helping or building, you can make quite a difference. In addition, you will stay with locals so you get an even better picture of the culture and the country. You will build not just an IT environment but you’re building everlasting friendships and the great thing about IT. You can support them afterwards while they are still remote. In addition to your work you will have plenty of opportunities to explore the country. Enjoy!

Through this site we will keep you informed about mission trips. If you would like to be kept up-to-date you can leave your contact information below. Once we organize a trip we will invite you.