Empowering African Missionaries 2016

What are we going to do?

ICCM-Africa Conference

During the ICCM-Africa conference we will organize two workshops. Called “MySQL Database Management” and “Create A Simple Website” in each workshop, we try to tell missionaries how to use IT technologies in the mission field. For example, in spreading the Gospel. African missionaries are very motivated for their work in the mission field, but they lack knowledge about IT tools that they can use for the mission field. Therefore, education in the field of IT is important. By deploying the right resources goals can be easily achieved or accomplished.


In collaboration with Teens Impact Africa we will provide One Day training to pastors, teachers, and teenagers about the use of Social Media and the opportunities of the Internet. Last November, we held the same training to a large group of teenagers in collaboration with Teens For Christ. This training was so good that we are now working with Teens Impact Africa to provide a Training Day.

The goal is that after this Day Training various groups are encouraged to learn about the possibilities of the Internet and IT tools that can help them in the mission or careers.

We also use this opportunity to introduce ourselves. So that we can organize new projects where we can use IT for spreading the Gospel. We also look for mission fields to release KingdomIT Boxes, so that the Gospel will be accessible anywhere in the world.

IT Support

Victor Ngatiri, PAN Africa Christian University needs our help to the Koha server at Pan Africa Christian University. This is a database of all the books of the library which the university has. This database is used for administrative purposes, such as loaning books to students.

Victor needs our help to integrate the system better in the college network so that students have better access to information that they need for their studies.



During our trip we will also find a number of meetings with pastors and mission organizations. So that we can discuss our future projects. We will also promote our KingdomIT Box and discuss new mission fields in order to roll out the Boxes in the coming years.

When and where will the project take place?

The project will be held from 12th till 23th April 2016. Mainly in Nairobi (capital city of Kenya). However, we will also reach out to other locations in Kenya.


  • Pan Africa Christian University, Nairobi
  • ICCM Africa, BTL Christian International Centre in Nairobi
  • Day training in Nairobi

Why this project?

Access to the Gospel and good education is not available to everyone. People do not have enough knowledge to use IT the correct way, and technology often is used ineffeciently. Therefore, we want African missionaries, pastors and teenagers to be equipped and help them along in their relationship with Jesus Christ. KingdomIT want to do this through Information Technology. Right now, the use of Social Media is having a huge impact in our society, and it is impacting Africa too. Through training and local support they can better use these tools in their commitment to spreading the Gospel.

Project Plan

We have written the whole project in a project plan which you can download here:

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